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General Questions 

  • How do I find out more about your products? You can see examples of products we have embellished for customers throughout our website. For more information, e-mail customerservice@requiredteamgear.com.

  • How do I find out more about your services? Check out the What We Do page of our website. To speak to someone in detail about our services, e-mail customerservice@requiredteamgear.com. 

  • Where are you located? We're located at 2600 S. Cherry Lane, Ste. 186, Fort Worth, TX 76116

  • How may I contact you? You may e-mail customerservice@requiredteamgear.com or sales@requiredteamgear.com; send us a website chat; or call us at 817-922-8448.

  • How do I get pricing on corporate apparel? Please e-mail sales@requiredteamgear.com with information about your project and we will put together a price quote.

  • How do I get pricing on uniforms? Please e-mail sales@requiredteamgear.com with information about your project and we will put together a price quote.

  • What brand of products do you carry? We source too many brands to list here! You can see a partial list of our suppliers on home page. If you would like to find out if we carry a brand you don't see on that list, e-mail customerservice@requiredteamgear.com.

  • Can I get wholesale prices? We do pass on wholesale pricing to our customers. Final pricing depends on the  embellishment being done and the quantity being ordered. To get a price quote, e-mail sales@requiredteamgear.com

  • Do you decorate anything other than clothing? Yes! We decorate hats, shoes, backpacks, aprons, towels, duffel bags, hammocks, canopies, table skirts, etc. If you would like to ask about our ability to decorate a specific item, e-mail customerservice@requiredteamgear.com.

  • What other decoration options do you have available? We offer Heat Seal, Sublimation, Embroidery, Screen Printing, Numbering, & Tackle Twill. Check out the ‘What We Do’ page of our website. 


Ordering Information

  • How do I place an order? On our home page, click "my account" in the upper right-hand corner. If you have an account, log in. If your store is currently open/taking orders, you will see items and be able to order. If you don't see items, contact customerservice@requiredteamgear.com  to request that your store be reopened.

       If you do not already have an account, you'll need to create one. When you are asked for a code, enter the code           you were given for your store. If you don't know your code, contact customerservice@requiredteamgear.com 

  • What is your minimum order amount? On screen printing, orders of fewer than 12 pieces may incur a set-up charge. There is no minimum order for other embellishment types, although there is a small one-time digitization fee for embroidery orders.

  • What is the “under minimum” fee? We do not have an “under minimum fee”, however on-screen printing, orders of fewer than 12 pieces may reflect the cost of setting-up the screen press.

  • How can I check on the status of my order? If you would like to check on the status of your order, email customerservice@requiredteamgear.com or contact your Required Team Gear Account Manager or Customer Service Representative. When your order has shipped you will be emailed a shipping confirmation and tracking number.

  • Can I cancel or change my order? Notify customerservice@requiredteamgear.com as soon as you decide you need to cancel or change your order. As long as your order has not gone into production to be decorated, we should be able to accommodate your request.

  • Do you sell sporting goods? We do not warehouse hard goods. If you need to source a large volume of sporting goods, for a team or league for example, we may be able to assist. Contact customerservice@requiredteamgear.com .

  • I received the wrong item(s) in my order, what do I do now? Contact customerservice@requiredteamgear.com .

  • My order was accidentally placed more than once. How do I cancel duplicate orders? Contact customerservice@requiredteamgear.com  to have your duplicate order cancelled and refunded.

  • How long will it be before I receive my order? Your order should be produced and shipped in 10 days or less from the time all goods are received, and art has been approved. When the order has been shipped you will receive a tracking number via email. 

  • Do you offer a Rush Order option? Yes, we can have several rush delivery options to choose from for an additional fee. Contact customerservice@requiredteamgear.com  

  • How do I get an itemized receipt from my recent purchase? Itemized receipts are generated and emailed to customer upon placement of order. 

  • International Orders - Are there any fees associated with international orders? Depending on destination country, brokerage fees and customs duty may apply. RTG does not charge additional for preparing required documents. 

Payment Methods & Return Policy 

  • How Secure is my transaction? All payments are processed through a secure payment gateway with our payment processor Authorize.Net 

  • What are your payment methods? At the time of the order, we accept all major credit cards. (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA). Additional payment options are available for corporate sales (Please contact your sales rep for terms.)  

  • Do you accept returns? We are not able to accept returns on decorated items, because they are "made to order" for each customer. For un-decorated items such as shoes, we usually can accept returns. 

 Company Stores  

  • How can I get a custom online store created?  

       Email customerservice@requiredteamgear.com 

  • I was given a code to access my team’s store. Now what?  

       Click on “Shop Now” button and login with previously created account information. If this is your first-time                    shopping, simply click on “create an account” to input your info and your store code. This will bring you to                  your custom team shop. 

  • Do custom stores expire? Yes. The expiration date is determined by the customer who set up the store. After stores close or expire, they usually can be reopened upon request  

  • What happens if I want to reopen an expired custom store? Contact customerservice@requiredteamgear.com 


Artwork & Logos 

  • Is there a way to see a sample of the item(s) ordered?  Samples of un-decorated products may be available on a case-by-case basis.  

  • How do I know how many stitches my logo is? Customer will have to send in a copy of the logo and we will create a run sheet for it showing the details of stitch count size etc. 

  • Do you need my art on file? Yes, if you would like to utilize your own art please be prepared to provide it in Ai, EPS, or PDF format.  

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